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Thread: Moving Sites

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    Moving Sites

    How do I move my site?

    Assuming you've got nothing too complicated here is the basic idea.

    1.Login to your old server using SSH
    2.Execute the commands;
    $tar -cvf mysite1.tar
    $gzip -9 mysite1.tar

    This produces a file called mysite1.tar.gz which contains all of the files in this particular account's homedir including mailboxes, site and anything else in the homedir.

    3.If you have MySQL Databases, execute the command;
    $mysqldump -u <mysql username> -p database_name > database_name_dump.sql

    4.Enter a password if prompted.

    5.Repeat steps 3-4 for each DB changing the name that your databases are being written to - you don't want to overwrite the DB files.

    6.FTP the tar.gz file and the database_name_dump.sql files to the Idologic server.

    7.Untar the tar.gz file using the command;
    $tar -zxvf mysite1.tar.gz

    8.Restore your Database files using;
    mysql -u <mysql_username> -p database_name < database_name_dump.sql

    Another method:

    If you have CPanel (X-Skin) and assuming your Idologic account has already been set up;

    9.Click on "Backup", "Generate a Full Backup"

    10.Fill in Name of Idologic Server (You can use your reseller IP) and working Email Address

    11.Fill in Idologic account username

    12.Fill in Idologic account password.

    13. Click "Generate Backup"

    14. Submit trouble ticket, and we will us the command line script /scripts/restorepkg to restore the site tar.gz on the server;

    (Note to Support, the tar.gz must be moved to /home and the untarred directory renamed to "cpmove-<username>" prior to execution of the script. The script is executed by /scripts/restorepkg <username>.

    The full backup will include everything except mailman mailing lists. You must contact your old host's support for getting the backed up.

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    This is a great post.

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