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Thread: How to get backlinks from, forum comments?

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    How to get backlinks from, forum comments?

    Hi guys,

    I have a supplement shop, and trying to acquire backlinks by blog comments.
    My question is how should i comment on a blog so it doesn't look spammy.
    For instance, i wrote high-class content about the hormone testosterone.
    I see today a new article about some new research about the hormone on some medical blog. What is an effective strategy to comment on such an article to get a backlink?
    please help.

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    You should be as relevant to the topic and the blog that you’re posting at, as you can. That’s the right way. I personally believe in social media advertising like facebook ads campaign management services can have a positive impact on your website’s visibility and sales as well.

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    The people who are interested in a platform with a large audience for promoting their brands then they must have a look at the FB ads. This is one of the most widely used services which can help them run the business successfully. You can also hire the expert facebook ads campaign management team.
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