I received the welcome letter and have looked at the knowledgebase articles. Could you provide me with more information that outlines how I get started?

Here are a couple of pointers:

I. Once you received your welcome letter you store it in a safe location for future reference.

II. The next thing to do is to look around the forums, specifically thispost which has some ever changing pointers for newcomers.

III. Once this is done you should be famaliar enough with idologic to know how to get problems solved.

How do you start setting up client accounts?

IV. You can specify packages any way you like, you can specify:
- diskspace
- bandwidth
- with or without dedicated ip
- # of emails or unlimited
- # of ftp or unlimited
- etc.

All accounts support php, perl, python, etc. You can specify which CPanel skin a site uses, we offer RVskin, blueCP, redCP, bluesim, redsim, babysim, greysim, redtrix, bluetrix, etc. We recommend the RVskins as they allow you to limit what your clients have access to.

Also, each CPanel account has about 15-20 scripts that can be conveniently installed from the control panel.

Each account has access to these features unless you specify otherwise:
WHM/CPanel 7
Dedicated ip (only if you specify it)
Quality bandwidth
Free CPanel skins (you set which one they use)
Script Autoinstaller
Private CGI-BIN
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Perl 5.6, Python 2.x
PHP 4.3.2
mySQL databases
Unlimited Email accounts (you can limit)
Unlimited FTP accounts (you can limit)
Unlimited Domains (you can limit)
Unlimited Autoresponders (you can limit)
Unlimited Subdomains (you can limit)
Password protect pages
Custom .htaccess

For information on the free enom account check out this link. Basically you have the option of choosing a reseller or retail enom account with 8.95 USD per year .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info/.us registration pricing. The difference is that a retail account cannot have accounts "under it", while a reseller can. A reseller has to fund their account with 100USD that enom keeps and uses towards your registrations. A retail acocunt does not need to deposit anything and can pay for domains by credit card.

V. If you get stuck and can't find more information in our FAQs, Forums or Demos (or can't find the Demo you need) feel free to contact support [at] idologic.

Cheers, and Good Luck.