How do I submit my site to a search Engine?

First prepare the content of your site so that Search Engine Bots can effeciently parse and catagorize it. For information about MetaTags (which BOTS use, check out this post.

Once your site is ready for submission, realize that you don't need to submit your site to every search engine that exists. They steal each other's data, and there are Open Projects aimed at providing the Internet with organization.

One of those projects is DMOZ.

If you submit your site there it will end up in many others. This is how you do it;
I. Search to ensure your site isn't already there.
II. Choose the best catagory for your site by navigating DMOZ.
III. Click the "add URL" link.
IV. Submit your site.
V. Wait for an editor to confirm that it meets their criteria and is in the proper catagory.

If you use SubmitCorner's eexcellent too you may be able to submit your site to up to 33 search engines at once.

You rarely get full success but fret not. Submit Corner also has excellent resources about search engines and BOTs, and you should take some time to read the info they provide. For example they have a Meta Tag Generator thats quite handy, and a few other resources. Look around!.

If you want to submit to a single site like AltaVista or Google you can submit to their submission sites;

You can use Search Engines to find other submission sites.

If you use Googles Toolbar or Deskbar you can contribute to their calculation of PageRanks which is very important if you want to get high ratings when people search.

All of these tips we've provided are legal. Beware, there are illegal ways to increase your chances of appearing in search engines, but they will get you delisted and are not recommended.