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Thread: 1 year review

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    1 year review

    I first started with then moved onto Dixiesys' when they had the specials running about 3 years ago or so. I then learned about the wonderful world of reselling where you could host more than 1 website on your plan. I signed on with Ultraunix, but then realized the one man show was such a turned off when it came to support issues. I wanted a host that had servers at the Atlanta DC and I wanted DirectAdmin badly!

    Anyways, I was being cheap at first but then came to realize the saying "you get what you paid for" is so damn true when it comes to this business. I finally buckled down and paid the $15/month for Idologic's basic DirectAdmin plan. It's been ALMOST a year now (a few weeks away actually) since I've been with Idologic. I sent about 6 trouble tickets (never had many major issues) and all were quickly responded to but more importantly, I never had a problem with their support. (spelling? - I'll get it right one of these days), Jeff and the rest of the crew are awesome and are ALL friendly and courteous!

    I forgot to mention that i signed up through a referral, which also allowed me to get special pricing. I realized I was running out of hard drive space so I wanted to move up to the next package. Well, two weeks ago I stumbled across my old referral link and it seemed to be a valid link. I contacted support and they graciously accepted it!!!

    Anyways, for anyone who's looking for a reliable and dependable host, please take a further look at

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    Over 3 years on a favorite gaming clan site, great service.

    2 years with idologic on my personal site, and nearly that on my work site, all 3 accounts im happy with!

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    Agreed, my first account with Ido was a DirectAdmin account, that's what got me "hooked" to liking Ido so much, nice review.

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    I will visit your website and then review it.

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