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  1. How to get backlinks from, forum comments?

    Hi guys,

    I have a supplement shop, and trying to acquire backlinks by blog comments.
    My question is how should i comment on a blog so it doesn't look spammy.
    For instance, i wrote high-class...
  2. What is the top online payment method in USA

    wrote a thread about why our online store has 0 ROI 2 days ago. Yesterday I had discussion with my colleagues, they told me that many customers come to our store and many of them click the botton of...
  3. Is there a name for this type/style of video?

    I've seen videos of this style--simple animations and transitions in a format reminiscent of an infographic--become exponentially more common over the last few years, to the point where they seem to...
  4. Render Farm - Autodesk 3ds MAX (mental ray/vray); 4d Cinema

    My name is Sam Wilsson.
    In our render farm we have combined cutting edge technology with the best rendering service that fits your needs!
    he official renders we support are all versions...
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    Passing of a friend (DKM) ...

    It is with the deepest sadness and regret that I must announce the death of David Marshall, known to us here at the Org as dkm. David had been ill for quite some time, but always one to put a brave...
  6. Edit Field "write in product" to multiple lines

    Hi I want to change the textbox settings of the write in products.
    it is set to single line, but i can΄t change it
    When there is a customized product I usually have to add some lines to explain it....
  7. Visual Studio Community 2015 blank white visual studio sign in window

    Recently my 30 day trial period for VS Community 2015 has expired and now whenever i open the IDE, sign in to visual studio window pops up.why is there a 30 day trial if a the community version is...
  8. Do we need to interlink "Homepage" to the highest?

    Hi all,

    So, beside having an idea of how many links are internally pointing to important pages, we can see the number in search console. I can see now our website homepage is not at top 5 pages...
  9. update from android 2.3.7 after a factory reset

    I have done a few factory resets on an old phone now to give to my mum but each time it comes with the up to date software but nothing will work as it is using android 2.3.7 and I cant find a way to...
  10. Getting XAVC S 4K videos from my SD card to my iPhone

    Hi, everyone.

    Is it possible to manage XAVC S 4K videos taken on my Sony RX100 V using only my iPhone? I'm going travelling soon and I won't have a computer with me; just my camera, a 128GB SD...
  11. Looking for mentor/help for online store. Will compensate for help.

    Hey guys

    So I jumped into affiliate marketing pretty quick. I guess when I see something I want I try and do everything in my power to get it. It can be good and bad haha. I have a website up and...
  12. Unable to update Plug-In – Error – Could not copy file.

    I recently began managing update for a website. They have the Landing Pages Plug-In installed, but the current version is 1.8.4, and I’m trying to update to the latest version which is 2.1.3. I’m...
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    Tails from an Undercover Code Monkey

    Hi guys i have infiltrated the UNM team as a lowly code monkey but little do they suspect i'm going to give away all of their secrets. Every week I will give the teams insider tricks and knowledge to...
  14. Can this be Achieved with Wordpress - Beautiful Site

    So I went and got myself one of these smartwatches and it is awesome but a key selling point was the website, I love the menu system and the animated graphics as you scroll down.

    I would like to...
  15. Anyone still on and had any luck contacting anyone recent

    I've had a ticket open for over a week - was getting responses until last Tuesday. Since then, nothing but crickets. I've tried reaching out to the support number, nothing but voice mails that have...
  16. How do I get the Beam app to actually work on the Xbox One?

    This is what the experience is like for me: -

    Beam app doesn't work on Xbox One

    As the app is built into the OS there's no way to uninstall/reinstall it. Rebooting the console doesn't fix it....
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